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Basket filter classification details
Jan 14, 2017

1. air filter contaminated air is cleaner production and living needs, that is, making the air reaches a certain degree of cleanliness.

2. liquid filters for contaminated liquids to be clean production and living needs, that is, bring the liquid to a certain degree of cleanliness.

Filters have many kinds, such as sand filters, laminated filters, carbon filters, and so on, the main principle is to use smaller aperture interception medium pore size of the filter media material, of course, also has the special effect of adsorption of some filter media. Most filter back wash did not bother, as long as the water from the filter end into the water in reverse back-flushing filter media can achieve very good Backwashing effect. The valves in the pipeline should be installed horizontally.

Pipe filter is to remove a small amount of solid particles in the liquid in small equipment, protects the compressor, pumps, meters and other equipment working properly, after entering the basket filter media, filter media is consistent with industry standards, specific media, select the filter specifications. The company's filter with compact structure, capacity, low pressure loss, wide application range, easy maintenance, low price and so on.