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basket strainer
Mar 28, 2018

The basket strainer is a pipeline equipment that filters solid impurities in a liquid medium.

           It is composed of QOC, barrel, leg supports, inlet and outlet, drain, pressure gauge, and basket strainer components. The basket strainer has an automatic vent valve at the top of the quick opening closure.

          Basket strainer is a kind of vessel that is mainly used to remove solid impurities in liquid to protect various instruments in the pipeline from being damaged. The material used to make the filter is generally determined based on a combination of the nature of the liquid being filtered and the operating conditions.

For corrosive mediums, 304, 316 or other stainless steels are generally used; for general medium, Q245R, Q345R and other high-quality carbon steels or low-alloy steels can be selected; for low-temperature environments, low-pressure steels for pressure vessels should be used. Filter mesh are made of stainless steel.

The working principle of the filter: the liquid enters the barrel from the inlet, through the filter mesh in the barrel, the impurities in the liquid are filtered out, and the impurities are discharged through the drain outlet. For a small amount of gas in the liquid, it is discharged through the vent valve.

     Quick-opening strainer consists of barrel, filter basket, head, vertical quick-opening closure, inlet and outlet, vent, drain, saddle support, each interface matching flange, bolts, nuts And gaskets and other components. If the design of strainer is large, it is difficult to remove the basket. The strainer lifting device can be added to facilitate the removal and cleaning of the basket.

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