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Basket type filter
Jan 14, 2017

Basket filters by receivers, head, filter blue, flanges, flange covers and fasteners and other components. When the fluid through the head into the blue filter, and solid particles are blocked within the blue filter, and clean the fluid through the filter basket and filter egress. When cleaning is required, screw head bottom plug, drain the fluid, remove flange covers, cleaning up after reload. Therefore, it is extremely easy to use and maintenance.

Basket type filter device is removed liquid in the few solid particles of small equipment, can protection equipment of normal work, dang fluid into reset has must specifications filter network of filter tube Hou, its impurities was block, and clean of filtrate is by filter device export discharge, dang need cleaning Shi, as long as will can demolition of filter tube out, processing Hou again loaded into can, so, using maintenance is convenient. Divided into three categories: single-barrel SB34 duplex strainer; single-barrel low YG07 filters; double barrel double filter.