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Filter element
Jan 14, 2017

As its name implies, precision filter is the heart of filters, filter is mainly used in the oil filter, water filtration, air filtration, filtration industry.

Permeability of 1, precision filter: filter by United States strong hydrophobic fiber filter oil-repellent, skeletons of both through good and high strength, lower resistance caused by passing.

2, precision filter efficiency: filter Germany fine holes of a sponge, can effectively prevent the high-speed air entrainment of oil, and gathered small oil droplets to passing down to the lower end of filter sponges, bottom side-by-side to the filter container.

3, precision filter air tightness: filter and filter combination using a reliable seal, ensure that airflow is not short circuit, to prevent impurities without filters and go directly to the downstream.

4, precision filter protection: anti-corrosion reinforced nylon filter end cover and protection filter frame structure, can be used in harsh conditions.