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Filter separator
Jan 14, 2017

Filter separator consists of a built-in level filter (filter coalescing filter), the secondary filter (separator) metal shell, and equipped with a drain valve, drain valve, pressure gauge, safety valve, heating devices and other accessories.

The filter is based on the GJB610-88,GJB689-89 standard production specifications and API1581 III United States Petroleum Institute standard, performing a GB150-1998 State pressure vessel standards. Points a, b, c. Breaks through the tradition of the original filter single filter mode, is a filtration and dewatering in one can not only filter out tiny particles in the fuel, and can effectively filter out moisture in the fuel, fibre and suspended solids, is an ideal oil purification equipment, also applies to the various fine chemical raw materials to be purifying.

Working principle

Jet fuel into filter separation device Hou, first collection Yu aluminum business tray, again dispersed into poly knot filter by in to outside, first step by filter layer filter except solid impurities, second step through broken milk layer, will emulsion State of oil separation, third step by poly knot layer will tiny of drops poly formed big of drops, settlement Yu set sink within; then not before poly knot of small drops by separation filter of dismissed water role further separation, settlement Yu precipitation slot, by drainage valve discharge. Clean fuel separating filter the collection in the second level the tray and filter egress.

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