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Gas filter
Mar 12, 2018

     In gas transmission and distribution process, in order to ensure the work of the flow gauges, pressure gauges, pressure regulator ,not damaged, must clean the dust of gas.

     Separator can be divided into horizontal, vertical .

      Separator is composed of a barrel body, filter, filter support, head, quick open closure, medium inlet and outlet pipes, vent outlet pipe, pressure meter outlet, discharge outlet nozzle, pressure gauge, supporter, liquid level meter, the interface mating flanges and bolts and nuts. If the dust in the medium is too much, can add a small barrel under the major barrel.

      The filter main pressure elements material generally according to the filtered liquid nature and conditions. For strong corrosive medium, usually use304,316L or other stainless steel; for the general medium, can choose 20#, Q345R, Q370R and other high quality carbon steel or low alloy steel; for low temperature environment, should choose low temperature pressure vessel.steel Other non pressure components selecte ordinary carbon steel.

The Separtor core parts-- American PECO company produces PCHG filter, made of polyester fiber

       PCHG polyester fiber filter has high dust collection efficiency, low pressure loss, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other advantages. Especially suitable for fine filtration, purification degree can achieve fine net (3μm).

PCHG336filter performance can completely meet the requirements of technical specification and corresponding request of data sheet:

Filtration precision:1 μm and above

Filtration efficiency of dust: 1μm 99%

3μm and below 99.1%

5μm and below 99.9%

Droplet:1μm 98%

3μm and below 98.6%

5μm and below 99%