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Pig launcher receiver
Feb 27, 2018

The pig launcher/receiver (the “launcher/receiver”) is the equipment that can receive and launch pig under pressure in the pipeline of liquid and gas. It is installed at both ends of the pipeline or the interim pressure regulating valve room of pipeline, as an important device to clean, remove residues and rust, scrape wax and apply coating. Due to the pressurized working condition, the design, manufacture, test and acceptance are in strict accordance with ANSI B31.4 Liquid Petroleum transportation Piping System.

2.0 Components

 The launcher/receiver is composed of quick opening closure, main cylinder, reducer, sub-cylinder, inlet and outlet nozzle (the launcher as the inlet and the receiver as the outlet), pressure gauge nozzle, blowdown valve nozzle, vent valve nozzle, safety valve nozzle, saddle support (the intelligent pig launcher/receiver have balance port). The accessories that connect the launcher/receiver consist of pressure gauge, blowdown valve, vent valve, ball-passing indicator, safety valve as well as the flange, bolt, nut and pad that match with various interfaces. As required by the customers, the sliding filter bear basket, rotating crane and cathodic protection devices can be provided additionally.

3.0 Technical Performance

In general, the pig launcher/receiver are installed horizontally. For exceptional circumstances such as slope, well bottom and underground, the slant or vertical installation can be adopted upon considering safe conditions. The quick opening closure at the end is capable of secondary pressure relief, so that the pressure difference between the inside and outside maintains to be zero to ensure safe operation.   

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