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Pig Signaller pig indicator
Mar 10, 2018


XLBTQ pig use a new structure, the external part adopts 304 stainless  steel ,  316 stainless steel core, the base material (optional), exquisite and durable. Trigger sensitive, swing indication, remote signal.

2.2 This machine adopts the universal trigger the balance structure, unaffected by the installation direction control.

2.3 The integration core, use the magnetic force transmission, the balance cavity and the tappet cavity completely isolated without dynamic sealing components, avoid the possibility of abrasion leakage.

2.4 The upper swing assembly, tappet assembly with a pressure maintenance.

2.5 Reversible swing flag structure, flag raising upright as trigger, arrow visible.

2.6 With the explosion-proof switch, the pipe pig through the signal sent to SCAND system.

2.7 XLBTQ-02D Pig Parameter:

  • Design Pressure10.0MPa

  • Type of PigSwing Flag

  • Electrical contact capacityDC24V3A/AC220V1A

  • Pipe DiameterAbove 150mm

  • The maximum pipe wall thickness50mm

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