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quick opening door
Feb 28, 2018

Band lock type quick opening closure is a kind of mechanical device used for the circular openings of pressure pipeline and pressure vessel. Turning to one side, it can realize quick opening and closing. It is our new developed product. Band lock type quick opening closure adopts the inside groove locking band structure, which is designed, manufactured and inspected according to  GB150.1-150.4-2011 “Pressure Vessel” and refers to SY/T0556-2010 “Technical Specification for Quick Opening Closure”.  It has the characteristics of high machining accuracy, flexible quick opening and closing, safety interlock, compact structure, etc. It is used in petroleum, chemical, natural gas and other industries and has extensive prospect.

Band lock type quick opening closure is mainly composed of flange of barrel, cover of closure, locking band, etc. It adopts the sealing form of "O" seal ring, by means of opening and closing the locking mechanism, safety interlock, realize that the opening and closing mechanism drive the cover of closure rotate so as to realize the opening and closing action of the closure. The safety interlock device installed on the cover of closure can ensure that the equipment is opened under zero pressure (gauge pressure).Opening and closing of locking mechanism is by means of rotating of the torque rod upward or downward, drive the lock band in the inner groove shrink, expand to make the flange of barrel and the closure cover connect closely. When locking, the sealing ring worked on the bevel of flange of barrel and the closure cover realizes radial sealing. After the interlocking plate and alarm bolt are installed, the lock band inside groove is limited which cannot produce displacement, so that the closure cover cannot be opened, the equipment can run with pressure. On the contrary, when the equipment is under zero pressure (gauge pressure), after the interlocking plate and alarm interlock are removed , the lock band shrinks under the action of external force, which make the flange of barrel separate from the closure cover, so that the equipment can realize opening.

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