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Test principle
Jan 14, 2017

※ Sparkling points method test principle: Dang filter film and filter with must of solution completely infiltration, then through gas source in side pressure (we instrument inside has intake control system, can stable pressure, regulation intake), with pressure of increased, gas from filter film of side released, performance film side appeared size, and number ranging of bubble, through instrument judge out corresponds to of pressure value is bubble points.

※ Method of flow measurement principle: flow test is when the gas pressure in the filter foam 80%, at this time there are no perforation of the large amounts of gas, only a small amount of gas dissolved in the liquid separator, and then from the liquid phase to the gas phase on the other side, this part of the call flow of the gas.

※ Why diffusion method: bubble point only a qualitative value, the Group bubbles of foaming from the beginning to the end is a long process, cannot accurately quantify. Measure flow value is a quantitative value, not only can accurately determine the integrity of the filter, but also reflecting membrane porosity, flow, and effective filtering area and other aspects of the problem, which is why foreign manufacturers are using the flow method tests the integrity of the cause.

¡Ù water intrusion test principle: water invasion law dedicated to the testing of hydrophobic filter, hydrophobic membrane resists water, pore small, hydrophobic membrane requires the water into higher pressure. So under some pressure, measured squeezed into the membrane of the flow rate to determine the pore size of the filter.

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