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Use and maintenance of the filter separator
Jan 14, 2017

Filter after installation, it can work long-term, reliable, and generally do not open cover cleaning, but usually use should pay attention to the following points:

1) discharge in a timely manner. For manual release valve filter installed in every job, to artificially deflate too much because if the gas accumulated in the shell, affects the filters to work properly.

2) often precipitates. After each refueling operations, should precipitate precipitation moisture is normal. If precipitation are found in solids, you should find out the cause and to take timely measures.

3) stick to record the differential pressure. After every job, shall be recorded in the maintenance log filter pressure difference and amount of fuel through in order to determine whether the filter is working properly. If the pressure drops suddenly, you should immediately stop using and open inspection in a timely manner, and investigate the cause.

4) replace the filter.

When the following occurs, coalescing filter element should be replaced:

① differential pressure up to 0.1Mpa

II the use of more than half a year

③ filter breakage (sudden drop in pressure)

Separation filter should be replaced when the following situations:

① filter broken

② filter tricking water test failed