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Before Using The Instrument, Confirm The Three Steps
Jun 09, 2017

Inspection equipment purchase

(1) the request for the application by the department, reported to the relevant leadership approval.

(2) the supplier's audit evaluation. Generally include:

A. The supplier's integrity ability supplier to provide qualification.

B. Supply quality assurance ability to study the qualification certificate, Detection Instrument in-depth understanding of all aspects of the supplier situation.

C. Technical performance indicators and use of the product

D. Supplier after-sales service delivery situation

E. Create a supplier file, including: after-sales telephone contact address.

(3) the choice of equipment and equipment than three, quality and cheap, both to ensure the quality of inspection, but also affordable.

(4) the implementation of procurement:

After determining the equipment supplier, first with the identification of the purchase contract, Detection Instrument the delivery of 80% margin, deducted 20% of the amount of normal use and then pay.

Inspection equipment acceptance

The test instrument must be installed, confirmed before installation, operation confirmation and performance confirmation in order to provide adequate assurance for the normal use of the equipment.

(1) Installation confirmation refers to the verification of the technical information provided by the supplier, the inspection and acceptance of the equipment and equipment, Detection Instrument and the installation inspection of the equipment to confirm whether it conforms to the approved certification standard and meets the requirements of the inspection. Generally include the following:

A. According to the order contract to check the goods to be correct, and register the instrument name, model, manufacturer name, production date, the instrument factory number, the instrument instrumentation instrument number, involving the installation site, to the instrument to establish a file.

B. Certificate of inspection equipment, instruction manual, maintenance manual, system software and spare parts list

C. Check that the equipment is properly installed, the piping connection is correct, Detection Instrument the line installation is safe and applicable.

(2) Operation confirmation refers to the standard operating procedures for single or systematic experiments, is to prove that the technical parameters of the equipment and equipment to meet the requirements of a series of activities. The method and limit of the operation confirmation can be made according to the instrument performance specification. When confirming, keep the original record of the test for backup.

(3) performance confirmation is to prove whether the equipment system to meet the design standards and approval criteria and so on. Requirements of the systematic trial. Detection Instrument When performing performance confirmation, pay special attention to the testing of specific applications for reliability. The stability and reproducibility of the main parameters.

Detection equipment of the file

(1) for the detection equipment acceptance, the equipment and equipment related information into the equipment and equipment list, and give the number, marked in the instrument's obvious position.

(2) The basic contents of the equipment and equipment files are as follows: the name of the equipment and its software, the name of the manufacturer, contact information, after-sales service telephone, instrument type, factory number, storage location, date of production, date of use , Purchase contracts, acceptance records, certificates, packing list, brochures and so on. After the use of the test / calibration / verification of the planning and records, maintenance plans and records, the use of records, environmental conditions, records, damage, failure, modification or maintenance and retirement orders and so on.