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Application Of Quick Opening Closure Plate Pressure Alert Valve Security Strengthened
Jan 14, 2017

Quick opening closure plate steps of quick opening closure plate is to be removed after the pressure alert valve, the regulator Rod rotated 180 °. This simple action can make the locking ring from the outside flange, so to pull open the door. Closing and opening the process is reversed. Key features of quick opening closure plate is pressure-tight seal. Placed within the inner surface of the door seal to protect a wide range of materials, suitable for vacuum use ultra high pressure rating.

Security is crucial in today's industrial, quick opening closure plate is not only quick actions and conducive to the overall safety to avoid unsafe operations. In locking position, the internal pressure of blind door lock with the cylinder parts lock to ensure that doors cannot be opened. Pressure alert valve application security is further strengthened. Locking ring moving parts connected to the pressure alert valve to prevent accidental opening.

According to pressure alert valve pressure inside the container. Clamp type quick opening closure plate has the following advantages: with safety lock function (blind plate lock, shock, and loose, open secondary pressure relief) not only prevents the blind in the process loose lock and prevent dangerous situations with pressure opens the blind. No relative rotational seals and sealing surfaces, sealing ring damaged easily, so as to better protect the sealing system. External Rotary button the lock ring the old blind plate for three, while resulting in locking action, even by force, open the screw length is reduced, make the switch more flexible and reliable.

Increased area of undercut, (blind the occlusal area of 50% with rotating buckle, bite lock ring closure area above 90%) is more suitable for high pressure large diameter natural gas pipeline, blind plate main part 20# or 16MnIII complete machining of forged steel, and main bearing part no welded parts. In addition, the quick opening closure plate has two types.

Horizontal: for easy horizontal operation, fast open blind Board distribution has can hosted high load, and double fulcrum of hinge device, the parts can completely hosted blind door of weight, and makes gyration minimum and can repeat operation; vertical: for easy vertical operation, fast open blind Board distribution has can hosted high load of hanging arm structure, can hosted blind door of weight and through adjustment its location makes blind Board cover security in place. For larger diameter blind, blind door weight is a limiting factor, for the blind, you can install three lugs use lifting equipment lifted from above.