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Auxiliary Equipment Saves Workshop Investment
Jul 06, 2017

Selection of auxiliary equipment: auxiliary equipment refers to rolling mill machinery and equipment in addition to rolling mill outside the various mechanical equipment. It consists of a complete set of auxiliary machining processes required for the mechanical equipment. Depending on the use of auxiliary equipment in the rolling process, the auxiliary equipment can be grouped into the following categories:

(1) heating equipment;

(2) cutting equipment;

(3) lifting equipment;

(4) straightening equipment;

(5) cooling equipment;

(6) Flip equipment;

(7) bending, curling equipment;

(8) lifting transport equipment.

Selection criteria Auxiliary equipment selection generally follows the following principles:

(1) to meet the production process requirements;

(2) have a higher working efficiency, Pigging Auxiliary Equipment to ensure that the mill to obtain a shorter rolling rhythm time and a higher yield;

(3) the type of equipment structure to be advanced and reasonable, flexible action, compact structure, Pigging Auxiliary Equipment easy operation and maintenance, spare parts standardization, manufacturing, roll for convenience;

(4) the production capacity of auxiliary equipment is generally greater than the rolling mill production capacity to ensure that the mill production capacity to play;

(5) equipment design economy is reasonable, small size, light weight, to reduce the total weight of equipment and save the workshop investment.

Auxiliary equipment includes fuel preparation systems, Pigging Auxiliary Equipment water supply systems, wind and smoke systems, steam / water pipelines and measurement and control systems.

(1) fuel preparation system. The fuel from the coal field to the boiler room, including transport and handling machinery. The pulverized coal preparation system includes a pulverizer, a pulverizer, a coarse powder and a fine powder separator, and a pulverized coal conveying pipe. Pigging Auxiliary Equipment The coal mill uses steel ball and coal to impact, squeeze, grinding, etc., the coal mill into fine powder, separated by the coarse powder separator after passing the powder from the powder by the burner into the furnace.

(2) water supply system. By the water treatment device, deaerator and feed pump and other components. Raw water through the pipeline to the water treatment device to remove impurities in the water to ensure water quality. After the treatment of the boiler feed water to the deaerator, Pigging Auxiliary Equipment and then through the pipeline with the feed pump to improve the pressure, after the economizer sent a drum.

(3) smoke and smoke system. Including air blower, fan and chimney, ash removal system, etc., the air blower through the air preheater heating to the boiler, respectively, fuel delivery and combustion adjustment, and then through the air preheater, electrostatic precipitator, and finally from the cited The fan leads to the chimney, the exhaust gas will be sent to the atmosphere.

(4) steam and water piping system. In order to supply boiler water supply, transport of steam and discharge of sewage and laying a variety of steam, water pipes, such as water pipes, Pigging Auxiliary Equipment main steam pipes and sewage pipes.

(5) measurement and control system. Instrumentation and control equipment in addition to the water table, the pressure gauge and then sent back to the steam turbine, low pressure cylinder to continue to do work.