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China Metals Industry Technology For Pressure Vessels
Jan 14, 2017

Metals industry technology development of pressure vessel in China reflects the following characteristics:

Faster product and technology updates pressurized metal containers are mainly used in chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental and other fields. Metal pressure-containing product-specific and technical requirements and downstream industries are closely linked. In recent years, as downstream industries, especially the rapid development of emerging fields, resulting in pressure vessel replacement faster, new materials and technologies are continuously applied pressure vessel design for pressure vessel manufacturing enterprises, processing and testing capabilities are put high demands.

Difficult to design metallic pressure vessels of many varieties complex, diverse structures, working conditions, high demands on product design. Design of pressure vessel products requires not only the product features, improve product effectiveness, energy consumption, to ensure that the safety of the products. In pressure vessel design should be to evaluate the product's safety, if the product is poorly designed and could lead to serious consequences.