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Clean Up The Equipment To Bring Good Business Benefits
May 18, 2017

In recent years, the overall size of feed processing enterprises in the continuous expansion, has gradually to the industrialization, specialization and large-scale development,Pigging Auxiliary Equipment machinery and equipment as feed enterprises in the main feed production tools, but also an important part of fixed assets. Therefore, how to correctly use the feed machinery cleaning equipment, so that the use of the process of failure and accidents to reduce the life of machinery and equipment, processing more high-quality feed for enterprises to bring better economic benefits, as feed processing enterprises Focus of attention.

1 Use the purpose of cleaning equipment

(1) to ensure that the finished product in the impurity content is not exceeded. In the process of feed processing, feed raw materials may contain stones, soil and other debris, if the process does not clean it, the impurities will be with the feed ingredients into the feed, the processing of feed Contains too much impurities. Impurities are too high feed is unqualified feed, if the livestock consumption of impurities is too high feed may cause some diseases, serious may lead to the death of livestock, Pigging Auxiliary Equipment so that the economic benefits of enterprises to reduce. Therefore, the use of feed machinery and equipment for feed processing, to be strict and correct use of cleaning equipment. (2) to reduce the loss of machinery and equipment and accidents. Mechanical equipment in the use of the process will produce some loss, which is running the mechanical equipment itself wear. However, if the feed material contains a lot of stones or more hard iron impurities, etc., in the production process will increase the loss of mechanical equipment, serious mechanical failure and accidents may occur, thus affecting the feed production and processing. Therefore, in order to ensure the safe production and processing of feed machinery and equipment, so that the loss of equipment and accidents effectively reduce the cleaning equipment is essential.

2 the role of the screen and the use of requirements

In the cleaning equipment in the grid screen is the most simple, only a few bars through the welding composition. To prevent Pigging Auxiliary Equipment large impurities, such as rope, stones and mud, etc. into the feed port, to prevent the next feed, after the road transport and processing equipment, such as blocked, is the main role of grid screen. In addition, it can also accidentally fall into the feed port of the accident on the accident to effectively prevent the safety of the staff to be protected. In the mechanical equipment, almost every feeding port, such as the main workshop, the next step with the addition of additives and artificial materials, such as the mouth of the feed and so on to set the grid screen, because it is the first mechanical equipment cleaning equipment.

Pigging Auxiliary Equipment In the choice of grid screen, according to the different materials and different cutting mouth to determine the gap of the screen. For example, in the main workshop of the feed, the gap between the grille and the corn sieve inlet should be selected at about 30mm; however, due to the large yield requirement of the corn feed port in front of the cubicle, The gap can be a little bigger; Pigging Auxiliary Equipment for the scattered raw materials, such as cake, etc., the gap should be selected about 40mm screen. Can be used for thick 2 ~ 3mm, diameter of 10mm round bar or width of 10 ~ 20mm flat steel as a screen material directly from the welding. In the fixed grid screen, should ensure that the inclination of 8 ° ~ 10 ° fixed in the feeding port, so that the material in the bag can be very easy to pour out, so that the labor force to reduce the labor intensity.