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Detection Of The Daily Use Of The Instrument
Jun 22, 2017

Inspection equipment is maintained at a good level is to ensure that the test results are correct prerequisite, due to testing process, environmental conditions, equipment operation and use and other factors, Detection Instrument testing equipment will change, the equipment used for testing must be regular correction.

Calibration classification

Internal calibration and external calibration: Internal calibration is the calibration of the company's internal staff, usually by a qualified engineering staff or laboratory calibration staff to complete. External calibration is performed by an external agency with calibration qualification, Detection Instrument including national authority, or supplier of equipment.

Maintenance classification

Preventive maintenance: Regularly inspect, trim, replace, verify the reliability of the instrument, eliminate systematic errors that may result in failure of the test results, and reduce the malfunction of the instrument in use, in accordance with established procedures. may.

Unplanned maintenance (maintenance): the use of equipment failure, or calibration failure, the need for its adjustment, repair or replacement of related components, Detection Instrument so that the instrument function to meet the requirements. For laboratory analytical instruments, some performance tests such as HPLC qualitative, quantitative reproducibility, baseline noise, baseline drift testing, UV-VIS wavelength accuracy and reproducibility testing, reproducibility testing of water titrators, etc. It can also be included in the scope of instrument calibration and maintenance.

Detection of the daily use of the instrument

(1) large-scale precision instruments and equipment operators, Detection Instrument must go through the appropriate theoretical training, training before passing, not trained personnel are not allowed to use.

(2) the operator should be in strict accordance with the operating procedures of the equipment operation, and before use, in use, after use to make the necessary checks and records, and should do routine maintenance work, the use of less frequent large equipment And long-term use of electronic equipment, should be checked at least once a month, and do maintenance records.

(3) Placement of equipment:

The use of the environment should be consistent with the technical information Instrument instructions, such as equipment required for the environment, the room should be placed in the environmental testing, control means, and a person or automatic recorder daily environmental monitoring records.

(4) the main instruments and equipment should have the standard operating procedures:

The above six aspects of their own work in the actual summary of some of the work experience and feelings, Detection Instrument there are inappropriate also invited experts to criticize the correction.