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Detection Of The Future Development Of The Instrument
May 18, 2017

Detection equipment, including non-destructive testing equipment, quality testing equipment and analytical instruments. Quality testing equipment Main purposes: joint testing products mechanics, weather and so on performance, up production quality control and product performance control.

Detection equipment into the domestic market began to today we can precision testing equipment in the domestic development process is divided into three stages, they are simple projector stage,Detection Instrument high-precision two-dimensional image measuring instrument and high-end coordinate measuring machine stage The Here we are on the three stages were a simple interpretation.

Simple projector: In order to meet the development needs of the market for the development of modern industry to provide the basis for testing, the nineties of last century, sophisticated detection equipment officially entered China's domestic market, becoming a new detection-based industry. At the beginning of the domestic market, the development of precision detection equipment is not as smooth as we thought, because it is, after all, is a new industry, many of us have not come into contact with, Detection Instrument and do not know how it will be the future development.

Detection equipment development trilogy can be seen that it and every product or industry as the development process, are from the simple start, slowly to high-end products for development, and ultimately to achieve more high-end testing services. Therefore, in the development of precision detection equipment, in order to continue to meet the needs of the market and customers, will launch a more high-end precision testing equipment.

In order to protect the test instrument and ensure the quality of the sample infrared spectrum, send the instrument to analyze the sample must be done:

(1) the sample must be pre-purified to ensure adequate purity;

(2) the sample must be pre-water dry, to avoid damage to the instrument, while avoiding the water peak on the sample spectrum interference;

(3) Detection Instrument easy to deliquescence of the sample, please put the user-owned dryer;

(4) For volatile, sublimated, heat-labile samples, please use a container with a cap or stopper to hold and tighten it, and must be indicated on the sample analysis task sheet;

(5) For toxic and corrosive samples, the user must be sealed with a sealed container. The samples must be marked separately in the apparent position of the vial label and on the analytical task sheet.

Detection equipment since the nineties of last century since entering China, Detection Instrument has become a new industry in the rapid development of an industry. As the precision detection equipment industry is applied in the detection of industrial products, so in the domestic industrial production is widely used.