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Filtering Is A Necessary Device To Implement The Separation Process
Sep 12, 2017

The principle of filtration: Under the action of pressure difference, the liquid (or gas) in the suspension is trapped through the permeable medium (filtration medium), and the solid particles are intercepted by the media, Filter thus the separation of liquid and solid is realized.

Filtration is the process of separating solid particles suspended in liquids or gases.

1 Filter to achieve the two conditions of filtration:

① has the necessary equipment to realize the separation process;

② on both sides of the filter medium to maintain a certain pressure difference (driving force).

2 commonly used filtration methods can be divided into gravity filtration, Filter vacuum filtration, pressurized filtration and centrifugal filtration.

Advantages: Easy to maintain: due to the upper part of the fish tank, the maintenance of the filter is very convenient, generally a few minutes to solve the problem; completely physical isolation: can be in the tank of garbage from the fish tank physical isolation, Filter this will greatly reduce the fish tank organic content, reduce the pressure of biochemical filtration, this is the other way of physical filtration can not be replaced!