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Pig Pipeline Within Clear Tube Intermittent Low Throughput Running Oil
Jan 14, 2017

Pig parts, a spiral in the separation to purify the requirements most of the gases directly discharged from the top, a small number of gas along with the break down of ad hoc bypass dust from the top into the cone, secondary separation in a cone, separation of fluid at the bottom along the axis of the cone returned a separation zone, after a small amount of gas and dust into the ash bin in return.

The characteristics of new type cyclone dust collector is, fluid directly on the bottom spins the cylinder, direct discharge from the vent at the top, fluid flow path is short, and only in an upward spiral, fluid along the radial and axial velocity gradient is small, small fluid shear stress, pressure drop and low energy consumption (only conventional cyclone one-second pressure drop).

Due to shear stress in small, low energy consumption, large-diameter equipment still needed to ensure separation of multiphase flow in rotating speed, prone to turbulence of fluids, so less magnification effect. Overcomes the conventional equipment amplification effect, in large quantities to multiple parallel operation of ills. Special flow circuit, short circuit, and the cone to prevent fluid and particles in the ash bin of winch, separation efficiency is increased and operating flexibility, operational stability and so on.

Polycrystalline silicon, organic silicon monomer production using fluidized bed reactor, catalyst for the Silicon Powder, for military reasons, overseas Chinese technique blocked for years. The system's difficulty is that of Silica fume high hardness, wall erosion is serious; dust with particle separation function at the required level, recycled dust 5~10 μ m above, grade 5 μ m dust should be thoroughly removed; first stage separation down the dust on the premise of heat does not affect the reactor components, well back to bed. In response to these requirements, I am using special materials lining in order to improve the wear resistance of the device.