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Pig Receiver Tube Part From Pig And Wall Leakage Pressure Loss
Jan 14, 2017

Pig receiver tube optional clamp, lock ring, buckle, several types of quick opening closure plate, with a reasonable structure, good sealing performance, open and close quickly, easy to operate, safe and reliable.

While, plug buckle type fast open blind Board has opened convenient, and security since lock (blind Board since lock, and anti-vibration, and anti-loose, and opened can two times unloading pressure), performance, makes operation more simple, and security; card hoop type fast open blind Board except security since lock outside, also do has blind Board lock tight Shi, sealed circle and sealed surface Zhijian no relative turned, sealed circle easily damaged, to better to protection has sealed system; lock ring type and card hoop type fast open blind Board as, has larger of bearing pressure capacity and the good of performance, while, clear tube device itself by has of skin Bowl, and steel brush, and Scrapers and other components to interact for the purpose of cleaning pipes with a pipe.

Meanwhile, the pig itself carries a ultra-low frequency transmitters compatible with instruments, adoption of the indicator of the receiver on the ground, anywhere, anytime can learn pig in the pipeline's operation. In case of blocking, can accurately determine the pig in the exact location of underground pipelines. Opened it's unique sealing structure for structural and safety in the petroleum, chemical industry, natural gas industry has been widely used, is of pipeline pigging are sweeping lines and frequently need to open device and container of choice for quick opening devices. Flexible pig receiver tube, installed in the piping, pressure vessel Terminal to meet the need for rapid and frequent into the pressure vessel.

Flexible clamp this bezel enables quick opening closure muon level into the pipeline or vertical separators, filters, combines, separator, or any of the pressure vessel. Pig receiver tube cleaning device in the cleaning process of the programme include the promotion of media choice, the power source options include cleaning process. Push media selects the current use of pig cleaning with push media are divided into liquids and gases in two categories.