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Pig Receiver Tube With The Growing Demand For Electricity And Transmission And Distribution
Jan 14, 2017

Pig receiver tube power transformer is a static electrical equipment, is used to a certain value of AC voltage (current) into another one or several values of the same frequency in different voltage (current) devices. When the windings of AC, it generates an alternating magnetic flux, alternating magnetic flux through the iron core, AC electric potential induced in the secondary winding. Secondary induced electromotive height and one or two winding number of turns, or voltage is proportional to the size and number of turns. 

Main role is to transmit power and, therefore, rated capacity of its main parameters. Nominal size is an power usage value, it is the characterization of the transmission of power, expressed in kVA/MVA, when placed on the transformer at rated voltage, determined in accordance with its specified 1、temperature conditions does not exceed the rated current. More energy of amorphous alloy distribution transformer power transformer, its biggest advantage is that exceptionally low no-load loss values.

Can ultimately ensure that the no-load loss values are core issues to be considered in the design process as a whole. When product structure layout, in addition to considering the amorphous alloy core itself is not subject to external forces outside, while calculations must be accurate and reasonable parameters of selected characteristics of amorphous alloy. Power transformer market demand. Power transformers are labor intensive products, and customized production, strong demand at home and abroad in recent years, become a hot product rapid development. 

Amorphous alloy transformer can completely replace the new S9 series distribution transformers, such as annual demand is calculated by 50 million kVA 10kV distribution transformer, then, more than a year will be able to save 10 billion kW?h. Meanwhile, also brings environmental benefits over the small power plants were built, and less emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, thus greatly reducing the environmental pollution directly, making it worthy of the new generation green environmental protection product. In short, countries in the development and transformation of urban and rural power grid system, if it can be promoted using three-phase in amorphous core distribution transformer products, which will eventually be two aspects of energy-saving and environmental benefits.