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Pressure Vessel To Promote Production
Oct 18, 2017

Pressure vessel is a kind of special equipment, its working condition is poor, the possibility of damage in operation and use is larger. Because the pressure vessel internal medium has the very high pressure, has certain temperature and the degree different corrosivity and so on, and in the ceaseless movement, continuously to the pressure vessel to produce each kind of physical, the chemical function, Pressure Vessel and Pressure Pipe Component thus causes the container to produce the corrosion, the distortion, the crack, the seepage and so on the flaw. Even if the design of the pressure vessel is reasonable, the quality of manufacture is good and the defects can be produced in the process of use. If the accident is not only the container itself is destroyed, but also can cause a series of vicious accidents, Pressure Vessel and Pressure Pipe Component such as destroying other equipment and buildings, endanger the life and safety of people, pollution transformation, and so on, will also cause significant losses to the national economy. Therefore, "Pressure vessel safety Technical supervision regulations" is necessary and must be made.

The position and function of pressure vessel in national economy

The application of pressure vessel is very extensive. In the industry, civil, military and other sectors, in many areas of scientific research has an important role. Among them, it is the most common application in petrochemical industry, accounting for about 50% of the total use of pressure vessels. Oil is an important energy source in the world, and petrochemical industry includes chemical fertilizer, medicine, oil refining, pesticide, Pressure Vessel and Pressure Pipe Component inorganic chemical and organic synthesis. Its products are closely related to people's life, agricultural production and light industry market. In the development of national economy, Pressure Vessel and Pressure Pipe Component the consolidation of national defense, to solve the people's basic necessities have played an important role.

Pressure vessels are also widely used in other industrial sectors. For example, the gas and liquefied gas storage tanks used by cities, enterprises, various energy storage machines used in construction machinery, auxiliaries for various power machines, various cooking kettles for sugar and papermaking, large engineering pipelines, etc.

Pressure vessels embody the principle of energy conservation, promote production, facilitate enterprises, facilitate technological progress, scientific development, take account of international development, have Chinese characteristics, norms and standards in harmony.

The pressure vessel mainly has the following characteristics:

1. Changes in the general principles. (1) Classification of containers. Change the original regulation to the principle clause and classify it more accurately and meticulously. Pressure Vessel and Pressure Pipe Component The classification only considers the damage degree of the medium and the PV product, and no longer considers the process use and other factors. (2) in the main compression components removed reinforcement ring, manhole, human manhole.

2. Material changes. Pressure Vessel main steel plate if the manufacturer supplies a non-manufacturing unit, it requires that the quality certificate of each steel plate be issued; the content of S and p of the carbon steel and the low alloy steel plate of the non pressure vessel is not greater than 0.035%, the material retest requirement is simplified and the elongation of the material is specified.

3. Design qualification. The use of international standards or foreign standards for the design and manufacture of pressure vessels, no longer using the current purely by the AQSIQ special equipment approved administrative way.

4. Energy-saving requirements. The design of pressure vessel requires basic energy saving and consumption reduction.

5. Manufacturing。 To abolish the system of safety and quality permission of imported pressure vessels, Pressure Vessel and Pressure Pipe Component and to make clear the Unified manufacturing license system for pressure vessel manufacturing units inside and outside.

Pressure vessel, belonging to under certain pressure, or storage, or transmission of containers, some flammable explosive materials, some liquids, some gas, so the tightness and stability is extremely important, often check the scope of pressure, container seals, and the leakage of pipelines is very important, otherwise it will cause leakage, overpressure, explosion, All kinds of accidents that endanger safety, Pressure Vessel and Pressure Pipe Component so the state must have qualified operators and regular places and regular inspection, so as to prevent and reduce the insecurity factor