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Processing Technology Of Quick Opening Closure Plate Do Not Ask For Much Smaller Easy To Process
Jan 14, 2017

Quick opening closure plate Division refinery FCCU energy recovery system, a third stage cyclone separator (the three) is one of the key equipment, its performance and quality of design and manufacture, directly affect the efficiency and life of the machine and have a direct impact on the economic efficiency of enterprises. In recent years, due to the regeneration of catalytic cracking by using high temperature carbon monoxide combustion technologies, resulting in residuum and catalytic process, the regenerator pressure and temperature have been greatly improved.

In order to save energy and reduce consumption, increase efficiency, FCC power recovery system will be subject to domestic refineries of universal importance. Energy recovery units can be long-term operation of the system, in addition to its own design and manufacturing quality, major factor in their decisions, is to enter the smoking quality of flue gas. As from the regenerator flue gas containing a certain amount of catalyst, these catalysts for flue gas turbine blade wear, when smoke blades weightlessness due to wear to a certain extent, will make the effect of the energy recovery system.

A lot of experimental and theoretical research into smoke flue gas catalyst concentration and quality are the main factors of flue gas turbine blade wear. In order to ensure the quality into smoke flue gas, you must use a third-stage cyclone separator for regenerator flue gas dust purification before entering the hood.

Population of flue gas space there is a certain inertia separation space, it can not only prevent lining drop resulting from separation of single bounce out into the sparsely populated, and avoid operating errors or generator fails, catalyst influx of people caused by three separate single pipe purging plug so that three separate efficiency problems.