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Super Deep Drilling Equipment Prototype
Jan 14, 2017

At present, deep drilling rigs because of its low speed, into simple, low efficiency of core boring, drilling costs, not suitable for deep process of drilling in complex strata of continental scientific drilling methods. Hydraulic top drive drilling rig drilling deep capacity can not meet the needs of continental scientific drilling in the deep. Therefore, the urgent need of development suited to China's thousands of meters deep hole coring drilling special rig. 

The Group of mainly for the deep continental scientific drilling equipment equipment, special drilling and special materials required for research studies. Including drilling rig hydraulic mast, hydraulic pump, hydraulic top drive Rotary, hydraulic lifting, hydraulic screw unloading machine, monitoring instrumentation and measurement-while-drilling device, hard rock, bionic, composite drill diamond bit and aluminium alloy drill pipe tool and high temperature resistant materials and cementing material. The key technologies of the project include: high speed hydraulic top drive unit, high precision automatic driller device; mechanized automatic screw, swing pipe installations; and aluminium alloy drill pipe materials, such as high temperature slurry system to meet Wan Michao deep scientific drilling, improve deep drilling technology.

Deep Department City Science drilling equipment development subject design through review, marks China deep Department science drilling equipment development into a to high-tech for led of new of sustainable development stage, not only for China will carried out of Super million meters City Science drilling engineering provides has major research equipment and technology support, also for human search Earth deep Department mystery provides has hi-tech technology means, also will promoted China deep Department oil and gas resources and geothermal resources of development using and CO2 underground store technology of fast development.