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The Advantages Of The Instrument
Jul 31, 2017

With the continuous development of science and technology, and now detection equipment has entered the field of many industries, we are recognized and put these advantages to the actual work, but for the detection of equipment in addition to professional people. Most of the crowd is very difficult to contact these instruments, Detection Instrument let alone understand the depth, then the detection equipment in the end what is the same place, Detection Instrument is widely used in industry, life. The following describes the two advantages of detection equipment characteristics.

One of the highlights: the detection of aluminum alloy elements

This should be the detection equipment is widely used in the most important factor, but many people think that aluminum detection equipment can only detect aluminum. In fact, not only can detect aluminum, but also to detect steel, iron, phosphorus, sulfur, dock, manganese and other elements, detection speed, Detection Instrument wireless transmission of data, high precision detection of this instrument has become one of the popular equipment.

Highlights of the two: the design is simple

This type of detection equipment are hand-held, smaller: 245 * 250 * 88mm, light weight: 1.6kg, which allows users to use it is very convenient, the appearance of simple integration components are gun mouth, handle, aluminum metal shell, Use the battery as a power source, so that the use of equipment in the outdoors is not afraid of power outages or can not connect the power situation.

In summary, the detection equipment can quickly and accurately detect the content of elements KDS-3B laboratory equipment quickly and accurately detect the material manganese phosphate silicon, Detection Instrument chromium nickel molybdenum, aluminum tin lead, zinc and cadmium iron and other elements of the content. Detection equipment using computer technology automatically tracking detection, you can store multiple standard curves at the same time, in the case of power failure will not be any impact, the standard curve automatically established automatically determine the detection error to ensure accurate data.