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The Basic Principles Of Filtration
Jul 31, 2017

Principle of filtration: Under the action of pressure difference, the liquid (or gas) in the suspension is trapped through the permeable medium (the filter medium) and the solid particles as the medium, thus separating the liquid and the solid.

Filtration is a process of separating the solid particles suspended in a liquid or gas.

1) to achieve the two conditions of filtering:

① have the necessary equipment to achieve the separation process;

② filter on both sides to maintain a certain pressure difference (driving force).

2) commonly used filtration method can be divided into gravity filter, vacuum filtration, pressure filtration and centrifugal filtration several.

The basic principles of filtration are:

Biochemical filtration processing capacity = flow X filter volume X efficiency coefficient.

Biochemical filter volume is generally to reach the tank capacity of 2 to 5% to meet the requirements.

The flow rate requires that the total flow of all filters be at least twice the capacity of the tank. Filter: the most convenient maintenance, Filter material and material isolation of the most thorough, but by the aesthetic impact of biochemical filtration, and will cause co2 escape.

Internal filter: compact and easy to install, but the filter processing capacity is relatively low, the biggest advantage is not lead to co2 escape.

Side filter: the internal volume is relatively large, Filter so biochemical treatment capacity is relatively strong, but the space occupied by the tank is too large and beautiful, efficiency in general.

Bottom filter: processing capacity, equipment, hidden, relatively clean tank, but the long run will block the bottom of the pipeline, will lead to the loss of cylinder fat.

Drip: the processing capacity, the highest efficiency, the basic maintenance-free, but the system requirements are not soaked in water, the technical level of certain requirements, Filter concealment is a problem, but also the existence of co2 escape problem.

Tidal filter: biochemical efficiency is lower than the trickle, higher than the external plug, the specific efficiency of how the tidal frequency of the larger impact, Filter and the formation of tides to have some experience, most people do not master, and drainage noise.

Outside the filter: the system does not occupy the cylinder space, and will not lead to co2 escape. But because of the problem of melting oxygen, resulting in gas efficiency in general, Filter and maintenance is quite troublesome.

Cylinder filter: the space for the filter material for the largest, so the processing power is the strongest (note is not efficient)! But the huge size of the general occupation of the tank bottom cabinet space, and the pump requirements are relatively high, power consumption is relatively large, the pump must be and overflow with properly, otherwise the water full of Jinshan or pump dry! Therefore, Filter the technical level requires a higher.

Gas lift: As the filter material oxygenation biochemical efficiency is extremely high, at the same time, because it is powered by the pump, very energy efficient! But the gas does not have physical filtering, so it can not be used as a main filter. But also because of the lack of physical filtration led to the glass ring and the risk of pollution. And the same filter and the same common, occupy the cylinder space.

Anti-gas filter: the power from the pneumatic to the pump, the flow is guaranteed! But also to solve the gas lift no physical filter defects. At the same time, due to gas and water retrograde, Filter greatly improve the water melt oxygen, biochemical efficiency is higher! But energy consumption than gas lift (more water pump)! But also within the filter through the common occupation of the fish tank space. Aquarium novice, ordinary family aquarium enthusiasts and fever class aquarium enthusiasts and other common homes. Mainly discussed freshwater ornamental fish, sea ornamental fish, shrimp, snails, aquatic plants and aquarium equipment.

On the anti-gas lift: As a result of anti-gas lift on the filter outlet, as a source of water, therefore, saving the pump energy consumption, just increase the pump power can run. On the filter spray oxygen, after physical filtration, irrigation into the anti-gas lift, they clearly play their respective strengths, the filter is responsible for physical filtering, anti-gas lifted the filter, with a more understanding.