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The Extensive Use Of Pressure Vessel Applications
Sep 22, 2017

The pressure vessel is widely used, it is in the petrochemical industry, energy industry, scientific research and military and other national economic departments have played an important role in the equipment.

Pressure vessel is usually made of cylinder (also known as shell), head (also known as the end cap), flange, sealing elements, openings and take over (manhole, hand hole, mirror hole, Pressure Vessel and Pressure Pipe Component material import and export takeover, Meter, flowmeter, safety valve, safety valve, etc.) and the bearing and other various components.

The characteristics of the pressure vessel.

1, the application of the extensive

Pressure vessels are widely used in industrial, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, mechanical, mining, power, aerospace, transportation and other industrial production sectors. They are also common in agriculture, civil and military sectors, especially in petrochemical industry The most common, Pressure Vessel and Pressure Pipe Component the petrochemical enterprises in the tower, kettle, tank, tank are all storage or as equipment shell, and the vast majority of the pressure temperature is running, such as an annual output of 300,000 tons of ethylene plant, Pressure Vessel and Pressure Pipe Component about 793 sets of equipment, including pressure vessels 281 units, accounting for 35.4%. Steam boilers are also pressure vessels, but it is a special pressure vessel with direct flame heating. Pressure Vessel and Pressure Pipe Component As for liquefied petroleum gas cylinders for civil or factory use, it is everywhere.

2, the complexity of the operation

The operating conditions of the pressure vessel are very complex and even harsh. Pressure from 1 ~ 2 × 10-5Pa vacuum to high pressure, high pressure, such as oil hydrogenation of 10.5 ~ 21.0 MPa; high pressure polyethylene 100 ~ 200 MPa; synthetic ammonia 10 ~ 100 MPa; artificial crystal up to 140 MPa; From -196 º C low temperature to more than 1000 degrees Celsius high temperature; and processing media, including burst, burning, poison, radiation (light), rot (corrosion), grinding (loss) and other thousands of varieties. Pressure Vessel and Pressure Pipe Component The complexity of the operating conditions so that the pressure vessel from the design, manufacture, installation to use, maintenance is different from the general machinery and equipment, Pressure Vessel and Pressure Pipe Component and become a special kind of equipment.

3, the high security requirements

The pressure vessel is subject to various static, dynamic or alternating loads, as well as additional mechanical or temperature loads; secondly, most containers contain compressed or saturated liquids, Pressure Vessel and Pressure Pipe Component and if the container is broken, the media suddenly depresses and expands instantaneously Out of the destruction of energy, coupled with a large number of pressure vessels made of welding, easy to produce a variety of welding defects, once the test, the operation error prone to explosion rupture, the device explosive, flammable, Pressure Vessel and Pressure Pipe Component toxic media will leak , Is bound to cause very disastrous consequences. Therefore, the pressure vessel requires a high safety and reliability.

4, a large amount of wide

December 1996 statistics show that the domestic fixed pressure vessels in the use of up to 122.22 million units, mobile pressure vessels in the tanker 16910, 5498.7571 in the use of gas cylinders; the total number of boilers is also up to 51.57 million units. In addition, the country holds a total of 2432 enterprises with pressure vessel manufacturing license, and the design unit is 1380. Pressure Vessel and Pressure Pipe Component Such a large and potential hidden containers exist, as well as a wide range of regional manufacturing design department, naturally become the domestic and foreign government departments pay special attention to its safety management and inspection and inspection reasons.