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The Main Pressure Vessel Industry
Jan 14, 2017

(1) industry weak domestic enterprises to relatively backward equipment, small scale, lack of capacity bottlenecks, such as the metal of the pressure vessel industry development.

(2) the lack of independent research and development investment, the whole technology behind the metal pressure vessel manufacturing technologies and products mainly from foreign technology and product introduction, absorption and digestion, lack of independent innovation, and most are in the introduction of foreign technologies and products based on it.

(3) design and manufacturing separation, and equipment sets capacity weaker, and products added value not high domestic design enterprise and manufacturing enterprise long-term in separation of State, led to most metal pressure container manufacturing enterprise in single products stage, can provides equipment products of large less, system sets capacity main rely on Yu Institute, products of added value not high, products differences and price differences yet in industry competition in the get full reflected.

(4) management efficiency needs to be improved and domestic metal manufacturing pressure vessels mainly consist of various types of machinery manufacturing enterprises. In the case of market demand, product demand, the industry most of the lack of motivation to upgrade the management level of enterprises, the industry's overall labor productivity lags far behind the international advanced level, in terms of cost control, quality assurance, especially insufficient.

(5) lack of professional management and senior technical staff