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The Principle Of Filtration
Sep 22, 2017

Filtration characteristics: the role of pressure in the suspension of liquid (or gas) through the osmotic medium (filter media), the solid particles for the media were retained, Filter in order to achieve liquid and solid separation.

Filtration is a process in which solid particles suspended in a liquid or gas are separated.

1) to achieve the filter with two conditions:

① have the necessary equipment to achieve the separation process;

② filter on both sides to maintain a certain pressure difference (driving force).

2) commonly used filtration method can be divided into gravity filter, vacuum filtration, Filter pressure filtration and centrifugal filtration several.

Filter principle

1. When the product is first used, please open the inlet valve to remove the air in the system. After the water flow is steady, close the faucet and observe whether the system is leaking. Filter If there is water leakage, it should be re-installed immediately.

2. The system should be drained for 5 minutes before use.

3. If you do not use the water purification system for a long time, please close the inlet valve to prevent accidents, if the long time after the resumption of use, Filter please open the faucet drainage 3-5 minutes and then use.

4. Water purifier filter life and water quality, the total amount of water and other related, such as the emergence of water flow or small smell of water, Filter please replace the filter.

Provide a safe, sweet taste of water;