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The Safety Of The Pressure Vessel Is High
Sep 01, 2017

Pressure vessel characteristics.

1, the application of the extensive

Pressure vessels are widely used in industrial, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, mechanical, mining, power, aerospace, transportation and other industrial production sectors. They are also common in agriculture, civil and military sectors, especially in petrochemical industry The most common, the petrochemical enterprises in the tower, kettle, tank, tank are all reservoirs or equipment as the shell, Pressure Vessel and Pressure Pipe Component and the vast majority of the pressure temperature is running, such as an annual output of 300,000 tons of ethylene plant, about 793 sets of equipment, including pressure vessels 281 units, accounting for 35.4%. Steam boilers are also pressure vessels, but it is a special pressure vessel with direct flame heating. Pressure Vessel and Pressure Pipe Component As for liquefied petroleum gas cylinders for civil or factory use, it is everywhere.

2, the complexity of the operation

The operating conditions of the pressure vessel are very complex and even harsh. Pressure from 1 ~ 2 × 10-5Pa vacuum to high pressure, high pressure, such as oil hydrogenation of 10.5 ~ 21.0 MPa; high pressure polyethylene 100 ~ 200 MPa; synthetic ammonia 10 ~ 100 MPa; artificial crystal up to 140 MPa; From -196 º C low temperature to more than 1000 degrees Celsius high temperature; and processing media, including burst, burning, poison, radiation (light), rot (corrosion), grinding (loss) and other thousands of varieties. Pressure Vessel and Pressure Pipe Component The complexity of the operating conditions makes the pressure vessel from the design, manufacture, installation to use, maintenance is different from the general machinery and equipment, and become a special kind of equipment.

The pressure in the pressurized container is measured by a pressure gauge. The pressure indicated on the pressure gauge is called the gauge pressure. It is the pressure value that indicates that the external medium of the container exceeds the atmospheric pressure. Pressure Vessel and Pressure Pipe Component The absolute pressure in the container should be the pressure indicated in the pressure gauge plus the atmospheric pressure in the vicinity.

Containers and pressure vessels

Pressure vessels are used in industrial production for the realization of feedback, mass transfer, heat transfer, meta and storage and other production process, Pressure Vessel and Pressure Pipe Component and can withstand the pressure of the closed container. That is, the pressure vessel filled with pressure medium collectively referred to as the pressure vessel.

Pressure vessel safe demand

As the pressure vessel is pressure equipment, is in a variety of media and conditions to exercise, so once the birth of the accident caused by its destruction is often very old fire. Pressure Vessel and Pressure Pipe Component In order to safe production, many industrial countries are boilers and pressure vessels as a special equipment, set up special institutions to develop safety supervision, and apply for strict rules and regulations in accordance with the norms of development plans, production and application, operation.